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Infinity Smile LTD promoted to “Premier Evaluator” for a major US dental products company.

Infinity Smile LTD has been recognized for its contributions to advancing dentistry. For over a decade, we have served as evaluators of dental products having recently received their FDA approval. We receive these cutting-edge products, use them and advise the manufacturer of any refinements needed or how they compare to existing products and methods. Dentists and patients in general benefit by receiving a final product with more clearly written instructions, a better range of uses and more helpful packaging. Our patients benefit in particular by having early use of the kind of products that eventually are accepted widely in dental health care as being among the most effective available.

The notice from March 12, 2010 reads:

As a result of the timely and thoughtful feedback you have provided to us when evaluating previous Parkell prototype products, we have elevated your status to that of “Premier Evaluator”. Your selection into this exclusive club means that we will now offer you the opportunity to evaluate our new trial products before any other outside dentists. All we ask in return is that you agree to provide us with the same product analysis (good and bad) that you have in the past, either by completing our surveys or by speaking with us on the phone.

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