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This company has a long track record of bringing products to market of great value to improved dental health care. Infinity Smile LTD has been privlidged to play a part in that process by serving as beta testors of some of their FDA approved innovative products. Parkell also has the distinction of being the largest American manufacturer of small electrical devices. Your toaster at home may be made offshore, but the precision device we use to clean your teeth at Infinity Smile is made right here in America.


Timely and thorough healing after an oral surgery procedure is planned for by use of a minimally traumatic removal approach. Bioengineer G. Phillip developed both the procedures and the set of instruments necessary to provide these services. His approach has been practiced at Infinity Smile for over a dozen years.

Providence Life Services

We served at the South Holland campus for 11 years.

Provinet Solutions

Joseph Center

A Small Business Administration counselling center.

The Joseph Center®
Forest Park Plaza
7600 W. Roosevelt Road
Forest Park, IL 60130
(708) 697-5440
(708) 771-7682 Fax

Kingdom Christian Center

Dr. Sylvester has been a member since shortly after its founding in 2008.


Clear aligner orthodontic treatment can make straightening teeth a more esthetic and convenient process. Cephalometric Sassouni Plus evaluation will let us know if you qualify for this approach. Traditional straight wire "braces" are also available.


Informative site concerning treatment of gum disease (periodontitis).

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