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120 Days FASTBRACES® Result

Above is an interactive before and after photo of an example FASTBRACES® result after only 120 days, that's only just under 4 months, as compared to potentially years of treatment with traditional braces! Further amazing Before and After FASTBRACES® results are available to view further down this page!

FASTBRACES®: The Fast & Affordable Dental Braces Solution!

Are you wanting to straighten your teeth, but don’t want to wait years to get quality results? Are you looking for affordable braces that won't break the bank? Then consider getting FASTBRACES® here at Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland, IL! Our Lead Dentist, Dr. Steven Sylvester, is a FASTBRACES® Senior Master Provider!

FASTBRACES® is the ideal solution for Infinity Smile Dental Center patients who want to straighten their teeth comfortably and affordably. FASTBRACES® high-quality technology helps straighten teeth quickly and safely, even in 100 days or less, without compromising the beautiful results.

Plus, the FASTBRACES® patented methods and treatment utilizes uniquely designed brackets and one high-tech nickel titanium wire to help restore the morphology of healthy bone around the crooked teeth gently and easily. With discreet tooth-colored esthetic clear or metal braces, you can achieve a beautiful smile and bite in much less time than traditional braces!

FASTBRACES® are state of the art dental braces technology that can treat orthondontic cases such as spacing & gaps, crowding, overbites, underbites and more teeth alignment issues affordably and fast!

Experience the benefits of FASTBRACES® and get the results you want in a short amount of time! Take the first step towards a beautiful smile and make an appointment with Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland, Illinois as soon as possible to learn more about getting FASTBRACES!®

An interview about the benefits of FASTBRACES® with Infinity Smile's Lead Dentist and a FASTBRACES® Senior Master Provider, Dr. Steven Sylvester

FASTBRACES® can help treat and prevent gingivitis too!

FASTBRACES® technology has a patented method to treat gingivitis around crooked teeth

Misaligned teeth can be harder to keep clean, which can lead to more bacteria buildup. These bacteria can cause inflammation in your gums, a symptom of gingivitis periodontal disease. Gingivitis can continue to get worse if untreated and lead to more dental health problems such as pain, bleeding gums and tooth loss. In some cases, these bacteria can cause other serious health problems beyond gingivitis.

Preventing or treating gingivitis, gum disease/periodontal disease, doesn’t just protect your smile and oral health, but it is necessary to help protect your overall health! Preventing and treating gingivitis can potentially save your life!

An unhealthy mouth with the periodontal pathogens connected to periodontal disease can lead to major health problems such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases that can lead to heart attacks and strokes, respiratory track infections that can damage the lungs, and the large intestine cancer of colorectal carcinoma.

FASTBRACES® can help reduce the amount of bacteria and protect you from these problems. Orthodontic treatment with FASTBRACES® can be done quickly and give you lots of benefits in a shorter amount of time.

FASTBRACES® Technologies patented method for the treatment of gingivitis around crooked teeth

FASTBRACES® Before and After

FASTBRACES® fast results, real results:

Interactive Before and After:

Click and slide the blue slider on the images below to compare FASTBRACES® before and after photos:


Crowding with Openbite


Spacing with Openbite


Crowding with Blocked Teeth




Crowding with Overbite








Crowding with Opening



Before and After Videos:

FASTBRACES® Technology: Before and After Gallery
Quite the remarkable, awe-inspiring FASTBRACES® result!

More FASTBRACES® Before and After:

Animated FASTBRACES® Before and Afters showing dramatic results!

Crowding with High Canines
Moderate Spacing
Spacing with Overjet
Severe Spacing with Cosmetics
Crowding and Bone Growth
Severe Crowding

Get FASTBRACES® At Infinity Smile Dental Center!

If you are looking a fast, affordable and high quality solution to fix your smile with FASTBRACES® braces, please don't hesitate to make an appointment with us here at Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland, IL, (708) 225-1866!

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Dr. Steven Sylvester, D.D.S. is a proud Fastbraces® Senior Master Provider:
braces technology that is fast,safe and affordable.

* Please note, Dr. Sylvester is the only Senior Master Provider at this dental office. *

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