Dental extraction tooth removals are an ordinary yet necessary procedure for many people. When teeth become badly damaged or infected, dental extractions may be the only option to relieve tooth pain and maintain oral health. We offer gentle dental extractions and wisdom tooth removal that will help you feel better! Please make an appointment now with Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland, IL if you need a bad tooth removed, gently!

Tooth removal is a last resort. However, when circumstances dictate that a tooth extraction is the necessary course of action, it is crucial to ensure that your dentist will take care to facilitate rapid and thorough healing. To this end, Dr. Sylvester has acquired training in the most thoroughly scientifically based dental extractions (exodontia) system, Ögram.

The Ogram System allows rapid and thorough healing following tooth extractions. Additional effort to support recovery includes routine placement of a medicament in the surgical area, which time-releases antibiotics and employs hemostatic agents. As it dissolves away over the few days following treatment, it controls bleeding and fights infection. Anyone who has experienced “dry-socket” will understand the value of this preventive step.

Another type of dental extraction is wisdom tooth removal. Sometimes wisdom teeth need to be pulled because there is pain due to irregular growth, known as an impacted wisdom tooth. A wisdom tooth extraction at Infinity Smile Dental Center will help you get the relief you need from wisdom tooth pain!