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Dr. Steven Sylvester, DDS
Dr. Steven Sylvester DDS is the Lead Dentist at Infinity Smile Dental Center.
Dr. Steven Sylvester DDS is the Lead Dentist at Infinity Smile Dental Center. Click image for a larger view!

Dr. Steven Sylvester, DDS Biography

“Thoroughly Midwestern” is the simplest way to begin to describe Dr. Steven Sylvester DDS. Born in Kansas, raised in the farm equipment industrial center of the Illinois / Iowa agricultural heartland, educated in rural western Illinois and urban Chicago, diversity marks his life experience. Having acquired a Liberal Arts BA degree from the prestigious Knox College in a blazing fast three years, Dr. Sylvester spent the following decade in a variety of businesses. Dental laboratory work, communications, construction, small business ownership and a stint in a fortune 100 corporation all added pieces to the puzzle of a predental education.

Pursuit of a formal Dental education at the University of Illinois at Chicago brought about a BA in Dental Science and attainment of the goal of a DDS degree. Upon receiving an Illinois State license in 1994, Dr. Steve Sylvester immediately began practicing dentistry in South Holland. This was the beginning of 11 years of service in the dental office of Rest Haven South skilled care nursing facility (now named Provident in South Holland.) During the two next years it took to set up a full time dental office in South Holland, Il he served in two main offices in Chicago and the northern suburbs as well as taking many part time / temporary assignments in the greater Chicago region.

Work is a thoroughly Midwestern value. Dr. Steven Sylvester worked his way through high school (Veterinary Attendant), College (restaurant shift manager) and Dental School (dental laboratory technician and Sherwin Williams commercial store employee.) The first job gave insight into the medical world. The last sharpened shade matching skills. The others did their respective parts to supplement what goes on in the academic world. The student in Dr. Sylvester is never turned off.

Always hunting for the best way to solve any problem, Dr. Steve Sylvester, continually added to his portfolio of techniques addressing common problems. He experienced a constant flow of learning opportunities through exposure to different offices, live seminars, professional development courses and his own research. Even being a beta tester for a major dental manufacturer gave unique (and fun!) opportunities to be improved while playing with the latest FDA approved wonders.

Personally Dr. Sylvester finds refreshment in his hobbies of gardening, scratch cooking and photography. Imagine how those three hobbies might intertwine with each other. Heirloom plant varieties are a special interest due to their historical and unique quality characteristics. His wife, Narkita, joins him in his hobbies. As a Raw Food Vegan, she adds a whole new perspective to his decades long personal study of practical nutrition.

Dr. Steven Sylvester is, by personality, a natural teacher. This finds outlets in his office serving as a training center for occasional dental assistant interns. He also serves in the capacity of a Foundations Class instructor at Fireside Fellowship Bible Study in Hammond, IN.

Dr. Steven Sylvester DDS is the Lead Dentist at Infinity Smile LTD Dental Center in South Holland, IL 60473 (Click here for directions) near

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