Dental implants are a permanent way to replace your missing teeth! Implants offer you the ability to bite with confidence, speak with ease, and smile without embarrassment. If you like what your natural teeth do for your appearance, dental implants can help maintain that beauty inside and out! Please make an appointment now with Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland IL to get started restoring your complete smile today!

Our dental implant offerings include crown implants, denture implants, and bridge implants. Our dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth and better than temporary mini implants, as well as just as affordable!

Infinity Smile has been out shopping again. To efficiently and effectively meet our patients’ needs for dental implant-based teeth restorations, we have scoured the world market and located the best value.

Our dental implant supplier holds many patents on crucial aspects of the best in implant design available today. Their partners and associates have further patents on recent advancements. The supplier manufacturing facility, engineered as a fresh start not many years ago, is a model of efficiency. Their process meets the most exacting industry standards. Can you say millionth of an inch? The resulting efficiency allows them to supply us with dental implants at lower costs than any other major manufacturer. That means less cost and more dental implant surgery options for our patients.

A final bonus is that all of the design, manufacturing, and packaging of these premium dental implant products takes place right here in the USA. (California still is part of the USA, right?) Who says we can’t still do it right here in America? With our suppliers, we have the confidence of being backed by one of the founders of implant dentistry combined with the cutting edge benefits of state-of-the-art manufacturing. Our partners enable us to continue to be Infinity Smile Dental Center, your innovative dentists in South Holland, IL!