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About Infinity Smile's Dental Hygienists

Our lead hygienist is Martina Brooks RDH. As is true of our entire team of three hygienists, Martina followed graduation from a well-respected Dental Hygiene program with employment in a variety of offices including that of a periodontal specialist. She provides comprehensive care, helping patients “catch up” in addressing the effects of life’s demands upon health in general and our gums in particular. As a capable educator, she can help you maintain health at home. She continues to grow her portfolio of healthcare capabilities by attending cutting-edge seminars on health topics. Her training in Fastbraces® technology allows her to work hand-in- hand with the Dentists at our office to assure the best overall care.

LaShonda Harris RDH has been with our office part time for over 17 years. Her consistent gentle touch has been appreciated by many patients over the years. She stays fresh in her enthusiasm, in part, by attending continuing education meetings. She has recently enjoyed Fastbraces® training which allows her to explain the relationship between treatment of gum disease and braces.

Deborah Williams RDH maintains the high level of care by filling in when Martina and LaShonda are away as well as helping on days devoted exclusively to patients needing cleanings and braces. She has been an enthusiastic part of developing our Dental Hygiene team during monthly RDH meetings. New developments potentially benefitting patients are discussed and thoughtfully considered for implementation. Her perspective of many years of service in the field is appreciated.

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* Please note, Dr. Sylvester is the only Senior Master Provider at this office *
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