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Dental Bridges
Dental Bridges in South Holland, Il
A Dental Bridge. Click image for a larger view!

Dental Bridge

Have missing teeth but do not want to wear something that you have to keep in a glass by your bed at night to fix the problem? Then a dental bridge is the perfect fit for you. A bridge is designed to help you fill in missing teeth that were once there in a uniform and cosmetically pleasing way that is natural looking enough that no one else will be able to tell it is not your natural teeth but you.

The best part is that a dental bridge stays in your mouth with you every step of the way and you do not have to put it in and take it out every day. Your bridge can be custom made to fit your unique teeth replacement needs and usually uses two or more teeth to fasten to in order to fill in any missing spots around the areas of the anchor teeth. Bridges supported by dental implants are available. Call Infinity Smile Dental Center today at (708) 225-1866 and schedule a consultation with our friendly staff and let us show you how affordable a fixed solution can really be.

We offer dental bridges at our dental center in South Holland, Illinois, 60473.
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