A great way to care for your mouth and dental hygiene is with regular dental cleanings! We offer various options, including professional dental teeth cleanings, deep cleanings, and post-cleaning professional teeth whitening! Please make an appointment now with Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland, IL to determine what kind of dental cleaning you may need!

If you have an infection in your gums, your Infinity Smile Dental Center dentist may recommend that you have a deeper dental cleaning performed to help with the condition. In most cases, a Scaling and Root Planing or dental Deep Cleaning will directly result from gum disease (periodontal disease, a later stage of Gingivitis) that consists of bacteria underneath your gums teeth.

Gum disease physically eats away at the foundation of bone that your teeth lie in and can cause an abscessed tooth. The main concern is that once the bone is gone, it may be gone forever, so it is best to get a gum disease treatment before it is too late!

Some symptoms of gum disease and needing a deeper cleaning are a foul odor of the breath, bleeding of the gums, or loose teeth. If you require a Scaling and Root Planing or Deep Cleanings, you will most likely be asked to split your visits up into two appointments. This way, you will not have to numb up your entire mouth all at once and risk biting your cheek or being unnecessarily uncomfortable in your whole mouth after treatment.

After your initial visits of dental treatment for gum disease, you will be asked to come back every three to four months or three to four times a year for a perio maintenance. A perio maintenance is to make sure the gum disease has been cared for properly and stays under control.

Once your teeth are squeaky clean, you will want them their whitest as well. We offer two types of professional teeth whitening, including the most convenient, effective, and economical approach available today. Call our friendly staff at Infinity Smile Dental Center today at (708) 225-1866 for details about dental teeth whitening today!

Please make an appointment now with Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland, IL to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted dental professionals and determine what type of cleaning is right for you and your dental health care needs!