Give yourself a beautiful smile with Fastbraces® braces from a Master Provider. Experience the advantages of speed, safety, comfort and convenience affordably available through this advance in dental braces technology. In 2016 Infinity Smile Lead Dentist, Dr. Steven Sylvester, achieved the status of Master Provider for Fastbraces®. Clear aligner treatment is also available through Smile Shapers™.

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Why FastBraces?

  •   FASTBRACES® is for teenagers and adult patients looking to straighten their teeth comfortably and quickly!
  •   Results in as little as 100 days!
  •   High quality and affordable!
  •   Available in discreet tooth-colored esthetic clear or metal braces!
  •   Utilizes uniquely designed brackets with one high-tech nickel titanium wire from start to finish
  •   Helps restore the morphology of healthy bone around crooked teeth gently and easily as teeth become straight!
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Braces: Traditional Or Invisible

Your smile can make a big difference in the quality of your life. Braces can help you get the smile you have always wanted! Here at Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland, IL, we offer dental braces at an affordable cost!

Picture in your mind your dreamiest Hollywood star. Now picture that star again without that perfect smile. You would not think that it matters that much, but unfortunately, it is human nature to believe that a person with a perfect smile is more beautiful.

Whether it is for yourself and you want to give yourself the gift that you did not get when you were younger, or you want to give your kids the ultimate gift of a perfect smile, Infinity Smile Dental Center can help you achieve that dream!

Infinity Smile Dental Center has many options to suit your needs and preferences for both child and adult braces. We offer both Fastbraces® and invisible braces by Smile Shapers™ (an affordable alternative to Invisalign® clear braces.)

Dental braces are a solution for many orthodontic problems such as crooked teeth, an overbite, an underbite, wide spaces between teeth, or teeth crowded too far together.

If you have any problems with your teeth alignment, please make an appointment with Infinity Smile Dental Center in South Holland, IL now so that we can get started fixing your smile with affordable braces!

Infinity Smile Dental Center also employs Micro Orthodontics: a variety of methods are used to minimize the need for complete “braces”. Early intervention can correct problems when they first occur in young children. Small changes made when growth is still occurring can prevent big problems later in adult life. That is one more way of keeping dental treatment affordable. Prevention of dental problems and issues is less expensive than cures.

Call our office today at (708) 225-1866 and speak with our staff to see how affordable your perfect smile and can really be.