about our dental office South Holland, IL

We purpose to restore the esthetic and cosmetic dentistry form and every day function of your smile.

The focus is on finding the most direct and certain solution for your dental problems in the context of your unique priorities.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Treatment of the gums ( Nonsurgical Periodontal therapy )
  • Comfortable single visit root canals (molar endodontics)
  • Micro-Orthodontics: a variety of methods are used to minimize the need for complete “braces”
  • Clear Aligner orthodontic treatment by ClearCorrect™ invisible braces.
  • Traditional straight-wire full braces.
  • Prosthetic dental options including crowns, bridges – traditional or metal-free, full and partial dentures.
  • Dental implant based options to make use of a combination of time-tested principles and advanced techniques.
  • The most thoroughly scientifically based system of dental extraction (exodontia), Ögram, allowing rapid and thorough healing following tooth removals.
  • And many more great, Affordable Dental Services!